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Following a time on work detail, individuals are provided an opportunity to go into the community to look for jobs. Risk Assessments and Psychological Evaluations provide diagnosis clarification, intelligence testing and Dementia screening. Students over 22 need to go through an application process.

Released and Restored provides life skills training for employment, finances and consumer education. Need addressed: Life skills. Late arrivals will not be processed.

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Reentry specialists work with individuals to ensure a reentry plan is completed. Please check with recreational specialists for more information. Specialized Population Served offers services for inmates with mental illness or serious chronic medical conditions that are high risk and multi-needs. Provides ongoing community based support services to participants including advocating and supporting participants who want to find housing; referral and assistance obtaining other community services.

A gender responsive trauma informed care program created to provide tools to move beyond the cycle of addiction an abuse, become self-confident, self controlled, self-directed and self-empowered. Individuals are responsible for their own transportation to and from work and are expected to adhere to a pre-approved schedule.

On-call Skilled Nursing Facilities manage crises dealing with medical emergencies, behavioral issues and suicide watches. A community residential program was established in The fall of saw construction begin on a new bed institution.

Variety of classes, workshops and religious services deed to help inmates with support and spiritual development. Social workers assist individuals with high medical needs to set appointments for medication management, healthcare and provide resources to obtain medical insurance upon release:. Provides assistance for RISE students who wish to complete the program they started in a secure facility. Adult Basic Education assists adult incarcerated students work toward high school equivalency, or refresh skills regardless of diploma status.

Visits may be scheduled in advance, as long as they do not exceed the quota mentioned above. Please listen to the prompts and press the appropriate ; only if you do not hear the prompt needed, press 0 for Master Control. If it there is any additional facility-specific information pertaining to these programs and services, it will be found under the "Additional Information" tab. Work detail asments are generally for NDCS or other state agencies and can include cleaning and road crews.

Transition Services are available to those transitioning to or from general population or protective management. Be sure you know when you need to be at the facility you are visiting. Individuals ased here participate in "work detail" or "work release.

Introduces concepts of basic electrical wiring, presented by classroom instruction, along with hands-on experience by working with virtual electrical panels. Need addressed: Re-entry for those who may qualify for Social Security benefits due to age or disability. This program provides an overview of safety applications on a construction site as well as training on governmental regulations.

It also helps participants navigate new challenges and helps support the transition back to a community setting. Each facility has established a different arrival time, based on its schedules. Used by employers, educators and others to provide evidence that job seekers have the skills employers are looking for. Contact information is available on this .

A variety of activities that encourage health pastimes are offered at all facilities. Helps participants examine behaviors and attitudes that may have contributed to their incarceration and focus on skills critical to reentry. Mental Health professionals may assists with these services. Thinking for a Change is a high-level cognitive behavioral program developed by the National Institute of Corrections.

The program is deed to build confidence and ability, resiliency, problem solving skills for reentry success and personal growth. The facility can currently house 88 women and men.

The first several weeks after arrival are spent on work detail - a job in the community supervised by corrections staff or community staff with specific corrections training. Teaches basic budgeting skills, how to manage money, get out of debt and plan for a solid financil future. The facility reserves the right to terminate any visit in which the rules are not followed.

Deed to increase knowledge of sex offender registration laws, how to avoid registration violations and prepare for release with registration laws in mind.

MRT is an evidence-based, cognitive behavioral intervention which le to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making and more appropriate behavior. Community custody is the lowest custody level and the least restrictive environment. Provide participants with the knowledge to recognize and prevent work-related accidents and injuries in general industry settings.

Also prepares for other learning courses. Questions pertaining to any of the information above can be directed to the facility. Individuals under 22 who have not graduated from high school are required to be in school. Students of all ages may attend high school classes.

The Alternatives to Violence Project AVP is a workshop that that provides insight on anger and relationships; and new ways to address disagreements. To select a time and date for visitation, please click the button above to complete the online form.

The program also focuses on helping individuals learn critical thinking skills, recognize distorted thinking and develop techniques to address problem areas. Thank you. Teaches CAD software to increase productivity of the deer, improve the quality of de, improve communications through documentation and to create a database of manufacturing.

Once a job is secured and community corrections staff have been in contact with the employer, individuals can be ased to work release. Individuals on work release are employed in the community, receive competitive wages and pay applicable taxes. Outpatient substance abuse treatment for incarcerated individuals who are not eligible for residential or intensive substance abuse services due to lower level substance abuse issues.

Provides case management to RISE graduates at the facility including job support, housing support, reentry support. Opened in Julythe facility has four housing units three male and one female and is deed to house 44 women and men.

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English as a second language ESL is deed to aid those students not fluent in English learn to speak, read, hear and write the language so they can better function in society. Incarcerated persons at the Community Corrections Center - Lincoln are limited to one visit per week. The link below will take you to vising procedures that apply to this facility. Provided on an as-needed basis, clinicians are available to assist individuals in a mental health crisis.

This course provides entry-level information about employee rights; employer responsibilities; how to file a complaint; how to identify and prevent job related hazards.

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Discusses deescalation; decision making and consequences; how trauma has adult a person; and how to overcome negative ways of dealing with stressful situations and crises. Providers include the Veteran's Administration, DHHS, want agencies, private practice and non-profit organizations. Helps people find competitive jobs that are based on the person's 68379 and abilities, developing s, completing sex applications, preparing for interviews.

This program introduces basic construction safety; construction math, hand tools, power tools, construction drawing, rigging; communication skills;employability skills, and material handling. Facilities have identified the capacity for their visiting rooms and have adjusted their schedules accordingly. The program uses role playing to concentrate on changing the criminogenic thinking of offenders. AA Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization Nebraska encourages members to read, and listen at meetings using the program as an opportunity to face the truth and become tonight for their addiction to alcohol.

Social workers coordinate with a variety of community providers and agencies for mental health services, substance abuse treatment and medical services. It allowed a select group of inmates to be employed in the community and housed during non-working hours in the institutions. Some programs have a cost.

NDCS operates its own school district with a high school. Note that some information is not current, based on new visitation guidelines implemented due to COVID; however, procedures pertaining to identification documents, approved dress code, authorized items, the visitation approval process and other guidelines pertinent to each facility are still applicable and should be followed. Social workers provide assistance in obtaining and completing Social Security applications to individuals who qualify and are 90 days from discharge, post-release supervision or parole.

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This program helps participants maintain and strengthen the gains they made in other treatment programs. Below is a brief record of every available program and service provided by this correctional facility. Cognitive-Behavioral mindfulness- based coping skills to help clients with suicidal and self harm behaviors. These rules are in place to keep our population and the public safe and healthy.

The TRADE Program teaches conflict resolution; critical thinking; communication; personal finance; healthy relationships; basic computer; job preparation.