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New Mexico has seen prominent advances in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT rights in recent decades.

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Rei Yazzie is not alone in his struggle to secure prayer or ceremony from traditional healers, yet he descends from a tradition that recognizes multiple gender roles.

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WHEREAS; in the City of Santa Fe all residents are urged to respect and honor our diverse community and celebrate and build a culture of inclusiveness and acceptance; and. June 27, Member of Creative Cities Network since On April 24,the Santa Fe City Council passed a resolution recognizing same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico and encouraging New Mexico clerks to issue marriage s to same-sex couples.

Additionally, New Mexico law does not specifically prohibit same-sex marriage. Mayor Javier M. Supporters each took a turn pulling the halyard to raise the flag above City Hall.

The City of Santa Fe is a leader in gay rights and offers inclusive health benefits to its employees, and has historically advocated on behalf of LGBT employees and community members. Therefore, same-sex couples are capable of contracting within the law and capable of marrying in the State of New Mexico.

Santa Fe Pride.

Present today at the Pride flag raising ceremony at City Hall this morning were Linda Siegle and her wife County Commissioner Liz Stefanics, who were the first same sex couple to receive a marriage in Santa Fe and were married the same day in the County Commission Chambers.