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Lost 1 E. Berk-enB. Vercauteren 5.

Railway SchumerthB. GrossA WellensW. Klika Totals M t isner :m. Shooting fees will be 50 cents for senior members and 25 cents for juniors and cadets.

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Truttmann 4 2 i Careful CI. Scan -Han. Roffers Meeuwsen i BerkenJ. Peters 57ii, P. Dart Sweet Clover Won 2. Bayliss Dlst. Lost 2 E. MooreM. Wilmet Srhlitz Won 2. Each member who bags a deer or a bear is presented with a plaque. Ryan Funeral Home Won 1, Lost 2 n.

Laseev. Refresh ments will be available.

Red Owl 4 2! Grace John-terman Osen V. Van 1 He-i 0 p,rl Bilslen 42R.

It will be a novelty shoot in which men, women, juniors and cadets will compete for pins and feathers. Warren Thomas, vice president of the club, also announced today that members are urged to the club immediately in order to be eligible for a plaque during the deer and bear hunting season. The Golden Jubilee state tourney will open Dec. The five-man 1 ojeveni win oe rouea hi oiracnuia s Milshore bowl 24 alleys and the doubles and singles at the Sports bowl 22 alleys.

LaseeJ. Totals; ww 8R3. Krause Dec, N. Truttniann Duponi-Mal.

Lost 1 B. Smits DeCleeneC. Hammer Hinlz 5ti3. Berken J Vanrie Hei Seroogy Totals81 7. Totals!

J Oconto Beer 2 1 I N. Realty n 3 D. Blluohe 4S:J, m. All archers in the area are invited to compete.

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The latter, along with the trophy for the winner of the Sex rodeo held earlier in the summer and plaques will be presented at the club s thursday, to be held at a later date. Wihna Nu- jnortoi Mil. Won Lost 2 A. Sabel Motorsti. Sorenson hit a and wil lard DeBauche a single, the V.

Blavatg Nehl Fa talis W. Lorraine latter in the Metropolitan herman at: Rem 1j3; Hope Dairy 5 1 Ryan llnm W I. Mayor Stanley R. Greene has nightgreen Monday "Community Bowling Day," a band polo parade the streets of the city in the after noon, an orchestri win lurnisn XV I' mucin at th inmhorep nnrl "nnisp- 2. Granrivu Dairy Won 2, Lost 1 L. Hendricks Van VonderenV. Van Remortel GilsonV. Maes Totals, Dirk's Bar Won 1, Lost 2 D. Bren-nan Manriers Aerls KeldatzR.

Peters Totals: :R :E.

Kolb b Van Han 5 Martin Totals, 83; j Atlas C. The jamboree has a dual pur-4pose this year for it is expected to stimulate interest in the coming " I A T"l u,u state arm nn. In addition, a of state and national bowling figures will be nresent at the affair. Green Bay has reservations for 32 booster teams at and Sunday, Dec. Krueeer Met. Hai ls Shop 4 2 Dupont-Mal.