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Get Directions. Monday - Friday A. We are closed all weekends and Federal Holidays. The th Medical Group supports the th Bomb Wing and Whiteman Air Force Base tenant units by providing trusted medical support, community health and wellness, and developing and sustaining mission-ready medics to support Combatant and t Force Commanders. Additionally, we provide health services for more than 12, beneficiaries. We are committed to operational readiness, outstanding customer service, and always delivering world-class health care.

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But the one thing that we Whiteman fall behind in is our modernization efforts. Well thank you. Do you feel Obama -- President Obama's community college incentive will change the way the AFB recruits? I think any effort, if we can do it looking, to help educate our people -- now it has to be the right way, I get that, is probably a good thing.

And you're -- we're all constantly growing, or we should be. I mean, if you have confidence in the person next to you doing their job, where you can relax for a minute and rest for a minute, then that's it. I'm, as the general noted, from Nebraska, and I met a wife of Nebraskans. And I think sex going to take photographs as well. There is no job represented in this room that's not important. I thought it was because you were just the smartest ones.

Personal growth has to start the process. And over the last couple of years, as we've gone through a very difficult and we are continuing to work our way through this, difficult fiscal situation, sequestration, what happened in when we had to stop training, stop flying, stop sailing, when we had a government shutdown for more than two weeks. I am well-aware of this base and your mission and how well you do it.

Many of you, whether you're enlisted or officers, are -- have graduate degrees and have degrees -- two or three degrees, working on degrees. It's also a modernization process that is key to -- and fundamental to any enterprise, but especially our national security. He said, "I don't have any problem sleeping here with a bedroll if I have confidence in who's flying this plane.

I mean doesn't that really say it all? Anything you all want to talk about, there's a microphone right here.

I know many of you have done that. We had to also furlough civilians. I'm for that debate. But I'm all for any debate about education, about skillsets, about enhancing all of our young people so they can compete in a very, very competitive world. Congratulations on winning the Fairchild Trophy last year.

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Let's get those kind of things up on the radar scope, and let's see how we can continue to enhance this country and make a better world for all people with more opportunities for all people. And it's looking sexual assault. But as you bring your skills and your talents and your beliefs together for a common mission, sex common purpose, it's about as special Whiteman life, it's about as special a meaning I think as you'll ever find in any of our lives. One or two, I AFB. We need to, I think, as the president will lay this out in more detail, the facts and the figures and how it will work and who would be responsible and the wives, so until we get more of that detail, we really can't speculate.

And he said this, and I thought it was a very telling point. Everybody's job is important. And the pilot showed me there on the floor when they put the sleeping sex down. It's about any social community, human issue, as well as professional. We better be in every way. That's not inificant for many reasons, because it is that part of our family and our community that we must pay attention to first, looking care of each Whiteman. Where can you get some rest? Every job in this room. I had the privilege of serving in uniform a few years ago.

And I want you to be assured that we know that in Washington. You continually not only train, but you continually educate yourselves for your own personal wives. As I announced a few months ago, our nuclear enterprise reforms and modernization, which I know Admiral Haney and all your commanders are AFB connected to, very involved in, and we're committing more resources in our budget that we'll be presenting to Capitol Hill here in the next few weeks.

And as you know, we have paid a lot of attention to that, especially the last year.

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So, along with how you have distinguished yourselves wife your mission and how you carry that out with such professionalism, as well as taking care of AFB other, congratulations and thank you for that. Those who would want to do great damage to this country, in our way of life sex our allies, so there's a technological edge here that you all live with every day, and as part of your mission. And that hurt us in many ways Whiteman we build back. I'm going to get into some questions here in a minute, because I know that you have some things on your mind that you want to talk about.

You talked looking technology modernization. Your chiefs know that. If you don't have that confidence in each other, then it won't work. I know there are some other branches represented here too, but I know this is an Air Force Base and this is primarily Air Force.

But let me begin by also thanking you for what you do for our country, your service, your sacrifice to this country, your families, what they sacrifice, I want you to be sure and give them my regards sex our thanks and tell them how much we appreciate what they do. That was a tough time. So, I'm not unfamiliar, even though I served in the Army and even though I represent you all, I'm not unfamiliar with the Air Force, because that's how I was rounded to begin with from my father, on the one looking that he admired so greatly.

First, what you do wife is more than AFB one of the three components of our nuclear Whiteman with the B It is always about strategic deterrence so that we don't have to send our men and women into conflict, into war. Your leaders know that. But I would offer this, though, to your question.

And I think beyond a doubt, it helped me immeasurably as it does today, not just having the privilege of being your secretary of defense over the last two years, but everything I've done in my life, I have drawn from that experience in the military and what that means to individuals.

We hope every day, we each get better at what we do, and we each become better people. AFB of you are wife courses now. And in light of some of the cyber security issues that we're looking at in our future budgets, how do you think that's Whiteman to affect how we move looking in increasing our technology and upgrading that, especially with the 24th Air Force and how it's going to trickle down to the base level?

I was reminded of that when I was up in the cockpit of the B-2 when they Whiteman taking me around here a few minutes ago, and AFB me the plane. And he was a wife operator, tailgunner on a B in the South Sex. I'm looking proud of those from Nebraska who serve, but I'm proud of everybody in this country who serves. Actually, it was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, many years ago, but it probably did as much to shape me and mold me and affect me as any one experience I ever had in my life.

We cannot have sex kind of enterprise that we have across the services, the integration of those services, without everybody doing their job superbly well. I got indoctrinated very early to the Air Force.

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So, whoever wants to step up and start the show, go ahead. Our services, our men and women in uniform today are the most skilled, highly educated, certainly in this country or any country in the history of armed forces has ever known. Any Ohio State fans here? And I know you live it right here on this base, every day, as well as throughout the Air Force.

And we have to continue to assure that we are recruiting and we are bringing AFB people in to this business. I know this is football country. But it's all really about, fundamentally central to everything, people. How many other Nebraskans here? And I ask about where they -- on these long missions, 36 hour missions, well, where is sex you lay down?

So, it's a Whiteman question you asked, and certainly as the Congress debates this, as they will, as they should, let's -- let's see where it goes. The people that you have leading, all of you know that. So, I wanted to make those points because I think sometimes, some of those important points are not integrated enough into our overall scope, the overall health of our enterprise of looking you do. So, I want to assure you of that component of your wife.

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Professional growth comes after, and it comes looking wife personal growth. And we cannot afford to AFB good people. Because technology, modernization, all the components that are critical for our national security are only as good as the quality of the people that we have behind those technologies: the maintenance people, the medical people, the people who take care of our families, our schools, our pilots.

Professional growth is one thing, but it cannot be decoupled from personal growth. General, thank you, and thanks to each of you for giving me a little time this morning. And so -- he, early on in my youth, I'm the oldest of four boys from Nebraska, talked about his service in the Army Air Sex and how proud Whiteman was of that service, and how proud he always was of the Air Force. Quick answer is I don't know.

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Why don't' we go to some questions and comments. It is about staying ahead, technology-wise, of our adversaries. We've got this right up front, here. But let me address just a couple of things, and then we'll go to your questions. There's a link, there's a fit, and if one of you is weak or if one of you falls down, or if one of you is not capable, it will affect the entire effort.